Friday, 25 February 2011

Holy Cats, Batman!

The new cat, Sushi, or the WC as she is known, (Wee Cat, or Wild Cat depending), is settling into the Rectory just fine, and is finding her place in the hierarchy here. You always hurt the ones you love most, and so although Archie has become her "best friend", his nose is rather scratched at the moment! Everyone is getting along.

However, this wee one seems to be rather protective about the cat food on offer. After all she has to share it with the Silent Assassin. The RW keeps her palm cross on the kitchen windowsill, but it's now being dragged out to cover the bowl after the WC has eaten! It keeps the vampires at bay, I suppose, but the WC just seems to either want things kept fresh, or is warning the SA that it's her food!

Anyone else have other uses for their palm crosses?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011