Monday, 23 April 2012

Water Difference!

It's wonderful, sometimes, to encounter the power of blogging. I should moan more often, it seems!

As a result of my last post, Business Stream have been in touch, at last, with the promise that this mess will be sorted out soon. Alleluia! I'm having sleepless nights, as I ponder the fact that if the parish pays this much for water, there will be nothing left for my stipend!

Our parish water usage is minimal, actually. There are no leaks, we've had someone check. Our main water usage is from the Community Hall, where groups meet on a daily basis. Most of these groups are dealing with people with mental health, addiction, and stress issues, and some cannot afford to pay us any kind of rent. Our rental income, therefore, is pretty low. Folk in the parish put more in the plate to keep this sort of ministry going, but it looks as if that's going to be penalised since we therefore go over the income threshold set down by either Business Stream, Scottish Water, or maybe even the Scottish Government!

I'm convinced we should be exempt from charges altogether. It's hard enough running a community oriented parish without being crippled with water bills.

Help and hope is at hand, however, and I'm sure the young man from Business Stream will sort it all out. I'm due a good night's sleep!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Water Sensation!

I think it was about 18 months ago that we first received a water bill in St Augustine's. We have never paid for water before, but Business Stream told us they had installed a meter, whether we wanted one or not. We have now found "our" meter, which is on the street but not outside our property.

After much angst, including an argument about whether or not we should pay for our water or not, we eventually paid over £1000 some three months ago.

We received a message this month that we were due another £6,000 for water. Eek! Have we bought a reservoir or what? Are we paying for the High Street? Sure, we have baptisms, but no full immersion here!

It's all very worrying, and we can get no response from Business Stream that makes any sense.

Apart from everything else, being located in the West of Scotland where rain is the default weather system, it sticks in my craw that we pay for water anyway!

Any comments about which parishes actually pay for their water, and what their annual bills come to?