Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bishop Idris and the Auggie Marathon

We welcomed Bishop Idris back to St Augustine's today for a confirmation, (seven candidates), the baptism of little Jackie Brown, and the blessing of our new, still to be completed, hall! It was 2.30pm by the time I got home!

Our retired Bishop was given a specially made bottle of the Famous Grouse, but as the RW is a packaging technologist, we managed to get a special bottle called "The Famous Idris". On the back was printed, "Remembered with gratitude as Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church"!

It was a day that few of us will ever forget, and the buffet  after the service disappeared as if a swarm of locusts had come out of the woodwork!

The icing on the cake today was an anonymous donation of £4,000 to pay for the church repairs when the gable end of the tenement next door came crashing through our roof. You may remember that our insurance company refused to pay out at the time. Well the Lord has provided anyway, it seems! We had much to be grateful for as we made our way home.


frdougal said...

Good to see you back! Was the Famous Idris a "low flier" this morning or did he soar?

Fr Kenny said...

A "low key" grouse today!

susan s. said...

It all sounds very lovely!