Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Fitba'

It's been understandably quiet in the Rectory of late when it comes to the fitba'. Partick Thistle Nil are having a horrendous start to the season, despite winning on Saturday to ease their way into the Semi-Final of the "Cretin's Cup", a wee trophy in Scotland for the disadvantaged.

Good old Dumbarton are worse than Thistle, but it's on the International front that the Rectory has been afraid, mostly. As a member of the Scotland Supporters Club, aye I get my guaranteed ticket to all the home games, it is with trepidation, no,  from behind my fingers, that I watch Scotland these days. Yes, it's scary stuff right enough.

After a rather non-eventful 0-0 result in the mighty Lithuania on Friday, we will all don our kilts tonight, some will paint their faces, (I might do this myself for the Spain match), and proceed to Hampden to add our voices to "THE ROAR". We like to think we scare the hell out of opponents, but they probably just have a laugh at 60,000 hairy men, with blue faces, in skirts! (Actually probably about 20% of the crowd will be female, coming along to support their men in time of crisis!) 

The strength and skill of the legendary Lichtenstein come between ourselves and glory this evening, and we'll struggle as usual. Actually, I'd feel better if it was Spain tonight! I hate these games where we are expected to win handsomely! 

It is a disaster waiting to happen.

However, I'll be there, singing Loch Lomond, and whatever else we are commanded to do for the cause, probably with my face paint on after all. It will cover the embarrassment if we fail, again.


susan s. said...

I do think that Youtube I linked to the other day would be a fitting way to destroy the enemy!

Morag said...

No failure this time - we pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat (or a draw)

Mac Gafraidh said...

just be glad mate, I would give my right arm for a Scotland game at present!