Saturday, 5 March 2011

Gender Issues

Gender Issues being discussed within the Scottish Episcopal Church make me feel uncomfortable. We already have our Canons in place to accept women bishops, and I feel that as a Province we are more sensitive than others about making sure that women are treated equally and fairly.

I am about to start worrying about a movement that seems to want positive discrimination for women. When appointments are made, in this Diocese at least, I know that the best person available is appointed. Because of years and years of discrimination, sometimes the posts require experience and acquired talents which mean that women are sometimes not appointed.

Males in this Diocese begin to apologise for being male! But I believe I belong to a Diocese and Province where the best people are appointed, regardless of gender.

In a few years time, the imbalance will be redressed because of time rather than positive discrimination.

Can I pray for a bit of patience here? I'm sorry I'm male, but I do have talents and experience of  parish life and lots more!


Anonymous said...

Which posts would those be, then? Everyone wants the best person for the job, you haven't specified which job the only people with the talents and experience are men.

Fr Kenny said...

Anon, there is no job in the Church that women are incapable of doing. I certainly never implied that. In fact the sooner the SEC appoints a woman bishop the better.

You seem to misunderstand what I'm trying to say, or are just making mischief, as Anons often do!