Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Yes, I miss my mother. She's been dead twelve years now, but she is still very much with me, and she still "speaks" to me through the days and the weeks. I guess that "confession" is brought on by two things. Firstly by a fellow blogger who has just lost her mum, and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to her,  and something else which happened this week to me which my mother would have strong opinions about. She's been whispering in my ear since Monday!

Isn't it strange that even as we grow older, the voice of our mothers is still strong in our lives? We remember sayings, phrases, funny events, and more and more I find myself saying, "As my mother would have said....."

I have been blessed this week with opportunities for silence and reflection. Many voices have spoken in the silence, and I hope God was among them, but the strongest voice has been my mother's! Beyond the grave with comfort, challenge, and a wee reprimand!

As I think of those who have lost loved ones recently, my heart goes out to them at this first Christmas without them. However, we are not without them. The line between the living and the departed is very thin within the Communion of Saints, and our loved ones are not far from us. We need to remember this. We can cry at our loss, but the loss is merely physical.

She was not perfect, but my mum gave me her faith. For that I will be eternally grateful. We all have reasons to be grateful for those we love but see no longer. Maybe we can count them and smile during the "jolly" time which is looming. They are celebrating the birth of the Christ too.


Christine McIntosh said...

My mother dealt so wisely with the needs of her family as it expanded and the grandchildren that were the result that I often now find myself saying "What would Mother do?" as one might say "What would Jesus do?" Maybe the two are not so far apart after all!

Anonymous said...

I lost my mum in October after a long battle with osteoporosis and latterly, confusion.

I did a short tribute to her here

and also some stuff about my dad that I discovered after mum's passing here

which in my own opinion was my most interesting blog posting of the year (although in effect it was written by my dad before I was born)

Despite my mum's (and dad's) best efforts they never managed to pass on their religious faith to me the way your mother did Kenny.

I do however thank them for my values which are pretty much Christian ones.

I hope you and your family and congregation have a good Christmas and it is good to see you back in the blogosphere.

George William Pursley said...

May God bless you for sharing this with us all.
George William Pursley+