Friday, 30 August 2013


What have I been doing since Lent 3? Well, the answer is that I've been very busy thank you! Blogging has become almost 'old hat' I guess, and I use Facebook for short stuff and to share things. Yet, I really miss my blogging although nobody else does! I need to write things down and keep a diary of feelings, if for nobody else but me.

I guess I felt it so much yesterday after a really fulfilling day with Christchurch Dalbeattie as we looked at the possibility of doing a Community Audit. I wanted to share the joy, and enthusiasm, but there was nowhere to share it, and my Facebook friends would just say "eh?",

So maybe a return to blogging, just for my own sake maybe. My stats show that nobody really kept up with me anyway!


jante said...

Kenny- I always enjoyed reading your blog and am glad to see you back blogging.

Erp said...

Some of us still have you on our feeds.

Though the captch might do us in.

minervassister said...

Always enjoy your blog, good to see you back

MacGafraidh said...

I missed ye mate, had a week look in every couple of weeks to see, but so glad to see 3 new posts!