Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gambia in Bristol

Off to Bristol tonight for a very important meeting which involves many little lives in The Gambia. For nine years now we have been running, not supporting, but running a wee Nursery School in London Corner in Serrekunda, one of the most shocking areas of poverty I have had  the misfortune to witness. During that time almost 400 weans have been offered free schooling, a feeding programme and free medical care due to the generosity of people from my parish and much further beyond.

There is the opportunity to "go big" and join with an English charity in providing a more holistic educational experience in a complex some walking distance from our own rented accommodation. It all makes sense, but abandoning London Corner after so many years, and especially when things are going so well, will be a tough decision to make.

So, I ask you for your prayers tonight, for me and the ninety children who are educated daily in Serrekunda. It's going to be a tough call!

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