Monday, 17 January 2011

Hit For Six

Well, it was bound to happen, eh? On Saturday the son and I had a long conversation. Well actually we were texting each other but you know what I mean! The heavens had opened and we were envisaging floods somewhat akin to Australia to be upon us soon. Whether or not to go into Glasgow to watch the beloved Partick Thistle Nil.

In the end, the son decided that he would save his dosh and attend the Scottish Cup replay against Falkirk on Tuesday. I agreed far too readily, and was punished for my lack of enthusiasm. Big time!

Partick Thistle Nil became Partick Thistle Six and I missed oot! So when my fellow fans ask in the future, "Were you at the Stirling Albion game?", I'll have to say, "Naw! It wis too wet."

What a woos! It never rains when you're scoring six!

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