Monday, 5 March 2012

The Last Dance

The RW is now finally retired from Edrington, that great Company which is owned by the Robertson Trust and gives out millions of pounds every year to support charities giving hope to the least, last and lost.

They fairly look out for their employees, too, and while giving the community the pleasure of Cutty Sark, The Macallan, Famous Grouse and many other brands of spirits and  the "Water of Life", they treat their folk to  a Grand Ball in The Hilton every year, free of charge. It's an amazing event. Free food, free whisky, free wine, free entertainment which is top-notch, and a free taxi or hotel room for those who cannot stagger home.

The RW and I made our final visit on Friday evening. You are allowed to go to one more after retirement.

We have nothing but criticism about big companies in the modern world, but here they showed a video of some of the projects that the Robertson Trust funds, and wonderful examples of fundraising within the workforce were commended and highlighted. An individual raising money for a Scottish Charity will have that money tripled by the Robertson Trust.

It made us proud the the RW worked for such an ethical Company, and we know that our links with them will not be lost or forgotten.

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