Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pastoral Visit

Ah! The joys of being 'laid up'! A pastoral visit today from my 'Curate-to-be', and she got nine out of ten from the judge. The dropped point was for the Danish, the crumbs of which are still hiding somewhere in my kip! On second thoughts, another two points for the Danish because it was delicious!

I had only taken to bed because the gas fitters were in replacing the toxic fire with a new one and were drilling a dirty great hole through the living room wall. When Pat comes on September 9th, the Blog will be fairly curate-free, because one does not blog about one's workmates, but it's nice to write about the anticipation!

I'm looking forward, greatly, to having someone as gifted as Pat working alongside me. Often it is not good for man to be alone, and it's going to be great to have another cleric to bounce things around with! Pastorally, she's going to be a superstar, note the Danish, and will blend in just fine with my pastoral assistant and me.

It's the opportunity to work with a cleric in training that's most exciting. Lots of new things and fresh ideas are brought to the table, and it should rid me of my bad habits for a while at least.

So, pray for poor Pat as she prepares for ordination. As some say, she'll need all the prayers she can get after being lumped with a fruitcake like me!


Morag said...

As long as the Danish has jam or fruit or icing, and none of that cold custard muck, that gets the thumbs up from me for Pastoral Skills ;-)

Fr Kenny said...

Of course it's jam. The woman has class!

Christine McIntosh said...

Our neighbours' new gas fire - a very top-of-the-range job - is currently heating our shared wall to such an extent that I thought our central heating had turned itself on. As it is, it will skew our thermostat hideously. Negotiations continue ...
Glad you're being sensible!