Monday, 11 August 2014

Looking Again for a Priest

With the unexpected resignation of our Associate Priest, Revd Alison Jones, our two parishes, once again, are looking for a priest to join us.

Alison was kind enough to emphasise the tremendous welcome and love she received here, and the fact that  she felt very supported by me and enjoyed working with me, but had to leave because of vocational and personal reasons. We will miss her.

However, it's not a very comfortable feeling being left on your own to support two parishes when the initial plan was to have three priests here, one being non-stipendiary. Many sermons yesterday probably honed into Simon Peter trying to walk on water, and talked about not waving but drowning. I refuse to drown, so unless I tell you otherwise, I'm still waving!

And, yes, I have faith that God will sort it, and St Augustine's and St Mungo's will carry on and go from strength to strength despite this setback. There must be clergy out there who would love to minister on the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond!

I know I can count on the Blogging community for their prayers in the coming months, and any offers of support will be generously received!


Morag said...

We could include find a dinghy and a lifebelt and life jacket for the Rector to stop him from drowning in our year 3 MAP.

Or if you'd prefer, what about some helium balloons and a garden chair? :-)

Christine McIntosh said...

Oh dear, Kenny. Prayers for you and your flocks that someone will knock on your door...

Eamonn said...

Hang in there, Kenny. The Lord will provide.

William (Taking The Epistle) said...

I would offer to help Kenny, but distance and my lack of Episcopal theology maybe a barrier (apologies for my ill timed humour)

I do pray for you though mate!