Thursday, 18 November 2010

Following the Monobloc Road

Due to the "Parish Photographer" sadly having to dash to London on Sunday because of serious family illness, I've been holding off writing about the most recent "parish production"! Not that I remember too much about it having just arrived at Glasgow Airport at 1.30pm on the day, but I had a serious duty to perform. I was the Tin Man in The Wizard of Augz on Saturday evening!

The creativity, talent and inventiveness of St Augustine's folk never ceases to amaze me, as we followed the monobloc road to the Land of Augz, following the death of the Wicked Witch of Dumbarton East, sadly crushed by the roof of our new hall. Toto was played by a "ginger rodent", but we were more startled by the fact that our Treasurer was looking for a brain and the Rector was after a heart! The RW was slightly shattered after giving her all as the Chief Munchkin!

Over eighty folk, including our bishop, sat down for an American style meal, fried chicken too, and were duly entertained by a bunch of dafties, but that's St Augz at its best, really! An £800 profit kinda helps the parish, too, and it's amazing how much money you can raise by simply enjoying yourself! Well done to everyone!

A full set of photos can be seen, thanks to Michelle, on

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Morag said...

You were surprised to learn the Treasurer is looking for a brain? :-) :-)