Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tough Days

Sometimes tough days come in ministry, and it's my experience that they often come like buses! One after the other after a long wait! We can be lulled into a false sense of absolute security. The parish is going well, things are good, we are OK with ourselves, others and God, then wham! It happens often to me, and I can only tell my own story!

The story of my ministry is like this. So much good is happening, so many things are going well, and there can be a smile on the face in the morning. God is good, and your people are good, and your ministry is OK. Note that it's OK, because you are always striving for it to be better!

And then things happen, as they do to everyone. Life is life and it's not often rosy. People are people and they don't always say or do rosy things. Someone will wake up today and face bereavement. Others will be given bad news after a hospital appointment. Someone will say something or write an email and our hearts and souls plummet. Our little worlds are attacked or challenged and we react or fail to react.

For the last two days I have been walking my dogs along the Clyde Shore. Both days have been beautiful experiences where I've felt a part of a wondrous creation and my wee heart has sung God's praises. The Big Boy, The Special One (Archie), has been swimming like there's no tomorrow and almost reached Langbank today!

A couple of things have happened in between which have touched my soul and made me cry within. However, God is good, and I am good and the world is good, and my community is good and my congregation are good too!

And whatever happens to you today, be assured that God is with you. Every step of the way....

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Chris said...

Thanks, Kenny - sometimes we need to be reminded.