Thursday, 19 July 2012

Condemned.... Well not quite!

My constant need of heat is something my friends will attest to. I despise the cold, and this summer has still to provide us with temperatures to my liking. The central heating is too much, as upstairs reaches 10 degrees more than the sitting room, and why heat the whole house when there is a wee fire in the said sitting room? The fire in question is a flueless gas job, wall mounted, with a glass front. It discolours the walls very quickly, and we have always been uncertain about whether there should be more ventilation or not. Returning from warmer climes, I have needed that wee fire of late, but at the weekend it died on us. Enter the local gas-fitter today who cleaned it all out and all but condemned it. He insisted, as per manufacturers instructions, that there needs to be a flue, but was prepared to let us use it meanwhile since the dogs are running in and out of the patio doors. A decision has to be made about flues or/and an alternative fire. Maybe we'll just have to use the central heating anyway. Central heating in July? Maybe I'm just a cold person, but it is the West of Scotland!


Christine McIntosh said...

We're currently enjoying the fact that we can make our house comfortable with fires (with flues!) or CH if we want to - because we were in changeable Brittany in a rented basement apartment with tiled floors and not a rug in sight, let alone a fire. Fine when the sun shone and warmed it all up, but positively dismal when it rained (all of one day, most of the next). My father, having spent 3 years of the war in the Western Desert, used to say "any bloody fool can be uncomfortable" - and I repeat it to myself at moments like this!

susan s. said...

Sweaters and wool socks? I am utilizing them here in 'Sunny' California. This is typical of July in SF. We have no rain, but it can be cold.