Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Special Night

Sometimes it takes a good rest, or something special to get you blogging again! I suppose, having just returned from holiday, and still tingling from last night's Big Event in St Augustine's covers both of these things.

Yes, blogging is a curious thing, and there are no illusions on my part that many folk do, or would want to, read what I blog if I'm honest. Facebook has seduced me, and it's easier and quicker to make a flyaway comment there these days, and get a reaction too! Thinking about it during my holiday time, I realised that I've really only blogged for one person, and that is me. I used it as an open online diary which I returned to to gauge my moods and feelings at certain points in my journey and at different times in the year. If anyone wanted to read it, then fine, but I didn't expect anyone to get over-excited by my thoughts or feelings. I blogged to remember what was important to me at various times.

There was a point when I blogged fearlessly, but strongly held convictions led to strongly led reactions that became difficult for me and the Scottish Episcopal Church. My wings were well and truly clipped, and I often wondered how you blogged inanity and still expected a response! Now, I feel I need the inanity and the online inanity at that! It matters to me. So we'll return again to the blogosphere for perfectly selfish reasons!

As I've often recorded, St Augustine's is a very "happening" sort of place, and there are always special things going on. I had left for Greece in mid-June with the possibility of an "open mike" evening planned for the Community Hall. There are certainly lots of really good musicians in Dumbarton, and especially among the youth, and it was about giving them, and others, a chance to play in public and share the talent they have. After last night I can certainly vouch that Dumbarton HAS talent!

When tickets went on sale it became obvious that the hall wouldn't be big enough and we had to move the event into the church building. Over 100 folk turned up last night to watch seven different acts, each one brilliant in its own way. The young lads who played and sang were just wonderful, and it was superb to see so many teenagers in the building who had come to support their pals. The "oldies" weren't left out either, and everyone went home with a smile on their faces.

Working with addiction, as we do, it often gets to the point where you begin to ask if there are any young people in our town who are not using drugs; such is the nature of working in that particular field. Last night the answer was clear. There are many many brilliant young folk out there who are full of life and hope, and in need of encouragement.

Can't wait for the next one in August!


Kirstin said...

What a brilliant idea, more power to your elbow. Good to see you blogging again too.

Mac Gafraidh said...

So great to see you typing again Kenny, you are a good read, picked up the blogging chalice again myself a few weeks back, hope you and the RW are keeping well

God bless