Saturday, 14 July 2012

Refreshed and Ready to Go!

I have never taken a three week holiday before, but I recommend it! It gave the RW and me the time to relax properly, and spend some quality time with each other. In ministry, these opportunities are to be seized with both hands. At the end of a fortnight I'm always sad to leave, but a three week break did the trick, and we were both ready to go home after the third week. But, what a holiday!

This was the third time in Kefalonia and it just gets better and better for both of us. The island, which Captain Correlli's Mandolin made famous, is just a stunning place to be, and the local people are so friendly and welcoming. Add to that perfect apartments, with a glorious pool and decent pool bar, a good choice of tavernas and excellent food, lots of chill time on deserted beaches, and you get the picture!

Even a couple of small arguments involving a wall, a pole and my hired car failed to disturb the totally relaxed feeling which life destines you to have in this place. To be recommended for those who don't want discos, lager louts, but simply a peaceful easy feeling!

Go to Greece, please! We were bombarded by scare stories and warnings from our press and media in June! Don't go, they said! Greece is bankrupt! Stories of civil unrest were trotted out, and warnings that everything might collapse and our Euros becoming worthless with a return of the Drachma imminent were everywhere! In this time of crisis, Greece needs tourism, and if they are going to work their way out of this mess then they need tourists! Numbers are well down this year, which is a great shame, and predictably, those going have less spare money to throw about. However, eating out is cheap, and our sterling certainly went a lot further this time around.

The mainland is where the trouble and the greatest poverty is to be found, but the islands seem to be struggling but unchanged. The tourist season is short, so as much as possible needs to be made in such a small window of the year. The wall-to-wall sunshine is free.

Next year? Oh, I think...... Kefalonia again. There's still so much to be discovered down those little roads....... with the walls and telegraph poles!

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Morag said...

Making me jealous after my 1 week up at Bridge of Cally!