Thursday, 20 October 2011

Anniversary Waltz!

It seems quite incredible, but it's 10 years today that I was Instituted as Numpty-in-Charge of St Augustine's Dumbarton. On reflection, much has happened during that time, some good things, some hard things, some not so good, but such is ministry.

The church building has been restored to its original beauty, we've built a new Community Hall, worship has become a little bit more informal, and music has improved greatly thanks to a music group who can play just about anything!

We have lost many faithful members, but numbers still hold up, we are no longer augmented by the Diocese, and there have been so many happy occasions, from baptisms to weddings and other celebrations.

Friends of St Augustine's was reborn and is now responsible, not just as being a tremendous vehicle for mission and raising about £8000 every year, but as the instigator of many many unforgettable parties, productions, dinners and all the rest!

I've been blessed for ten years! However, could they continue to keep me in check for another ten?


Morag said...

Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!!

Eamonn said...

Well done, Kenny, and congratulations. Blessings for the next ten years.

annie t said...

Happy Anniversary Kenny. Lucky old St Auggie's to have had you for the decade.
Blessings - and what a fab photo of RW and bairn

Tina said...

Congrats! Is it really 10 years since we met? Seems like yesterday! X