Saturday, 15 October 2011

She's Here - Isla!

Well, we have known she was a girl for a while, but Isla Isabella Thomas came into the world at 7lb 3 oz at 1.30am today.

I'm a step-grandparent, meaning I'm not old enough to be a grand-dad yet, although January looms large for me!

Isn't she just beautiful, and the best thing to come into a wet October day, with Wales being robbed in the rugby, Thistle being robbed in Kirkcaldy, and the dugs getting soaked in the Clyde!

Welcome, little one. You will be well loved and adored and, gratefully, you will be given the start that will be denied so many children of your age. Your parents and grandparents will surround you with all you need. Go for it, wee one! You can be a Superstar!


anniet said...

She is beautiful. Welcome indeed, little one. You will be much loved.
Sorry about PT v RR (gloom and despondency here too) and Wales.

Christine McIntosh said...

Perfect, beautiful, tiny one. A new soul to love and be loved. Love to you too, Kenny!

Ali said...

beautiful wee girl. congratulations all