Monday, 17 October 2011

Swanning around the Clyde

Today's walk was wonderful! There was little point in checking high tide times, because the park was already soaking and sodden, and the rain would have washed the mud from Archie's coat anyway.

However, we did meet the most beautiful cygnet on the River Clyde. So proud and just gorgeous paddling about in the rain. Very alone! Where were dad, mum, brothers and sisters? Not in sight anyway.

Of course, Archie had to spoil it all by heading into the water, but my feathered friend soon saw him on his way with incredible hisses and flapping of wings.

I had no idea my Golden Retriever could be so hastily subdued! He was out of the water like a shot!

Maybe I need to grow a set of wings?


frdougal said...

Saw a swan and cygnet on Linlithgow Loch today. They kept mooning us... Is this better or worse than weegie cygnet aggression?

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Morag said...

You have enough animals without getting a swan as well. Besides does Robert Ryan sell the right kind of food for them? :-)