Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Crash Bang!

The indignity of it! Having a bump in my new Honda Jazz in the teeming rain last night. Thankfully nobody was hurt, although I'm embarrassed by my stupidity as it was verily my fault entirely. My embarrassment was overtaken by the other driver's when he realised that the torrent of foul language was being aimed at a clergyperson, but I understand his frustration. Seemingly this was his sixth bump this year, and his car had just come back from the repair shop!

I expected a long drawn out business with insurance companies and quotes and long forms to be filled in, but step up to the mark Esure, who very quickly dealt with the claim in a very efficient manner by telephone this morning. Within 20 minutes my car was booked in for repair on Monday. They will collect my damaged car and deliver it when it's ready and I get a courtesy car to boot! Excellent service!


susan s. said...

So he's been in 6 of these accidents and none of them were his fault? Or just the one you were involved in? Either he had some that were his fault, or there are a lot of bad drivers in his/your neck of the woods.

Good for Esure for being prompt. Glad no one was hurt.

Fr Kenny said...

Yeah! Six accidents? Bit OTT methinks! Lord knows what he pays in insurance!