Thursday, 12 January 2012

Choral Scholar

I guess it all started on Advent 4 when one of my "older lassies" commented after the 9am 1662 Prayer Book Service that she had missed the Gloria during Advent. Not only that, but she sung the Gloria in her heart to the music of her childhood when we came to it in the Liturgy on a Sunday.

On Christmas Day I decided to give her a Christmas present, and after communion I sang the Gloria, solo, and to the astonishment of all. Her comment afterwards was, "Wonderful! But it's not the tune I sing to!"

Then, into the New Year, and she has presented me with this!

"Choral Scholar of 2011", made with her own frail hands.

It's enough to make you weep. Such a simple gesture meant so much to an old lady. Her response means so much to me.

When Liturgy arguments roll on about it being inclusive and the necessity of it all being relevant to the incomer, and politically correct, it's maybe OK to remember those folk in our congregations who find security and heartwarming affirmation of their faith in a Liturgy which brings them closer to God in their latter years, and strengthens their dedication to a Church which nurtured them and gave them something which is eternal.


Morag said...

Wanna join the music group? :-)

Christine McIntosh said...

Well done, Kenny - on all kinds of level. You're the star this lady thinks you are!

BTW - word verification is "coper". Magic, eh?