Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We are a Pappa!

Well, here she is at last! Hailey Myra Caroline Macaulay, 8lbs 9oz, born at 11.58pm last night. To say I'm overjoyed, over-the-moon, etc etc would be an injustice to how I'm feeling! It's almost as if I've given birth myself, I'm so chuffed.

It has not been an easy pregnancy, and poor Angela had a rough time of it, but all is well as another Partick Thistle Nil fan is born.

I know everyone thinks that their own child/grandchild is the best looking baby ever, so I curb my response to the Glaswegian, 'She's no' bad eh?'

It is a tradition in the Macaulay clan that the father's father is called "Pappa". Much prefer this to "Grand-dad"! However, no doubt she'll find her own name for me eventually. I only hope it sounds favourable!

Off to festoon her with gifts this afternoon! Parish work can wait!


Cats' Corner said...

Enjoy your afternoon Pappa. I'm sure you'll be able to cope with the task of passing on all the virtual cuddles that are coming her way. She's a wee sweetie, and you've every reason to be dead chuffed with yourself. x

Morag said...

Quite right. Its not every day you get to go out and celebrate being a Pappa!

Di said...

She's beautiful, Pappa! (sorry for calling you grandad!)