Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Not a Good 24 Hours

Family-wise things could be a bit better in the Rectory at the mo! Son Graham was sent home from work today, having been told his Firm is going into receivership. That in the week his first child is due. Although not totally unexpected, it is still a bitter blow, and there are not a lot of jobs around in the Building Trade at present. Anyone need a good QS?

Dad is not good either at the moment, and his dementia is deteriorating. The Care Home staff are terrific, but he is increasingly in need of special attention now, and I fear he's coming to a point where they wil no longer be able to deal with him. What happens after that makes me shudder a little, so Auld Jack is maybe in need of some prayers just now!

On a brighter note, Isla, the RW's grand-daughter is flourishing and rather beautiful, and by next week I should be a proud grand-daddy myself! Now there's a new job from Graham, right away!

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Christine McIntosh said...

Tough for you all, Kenny. Prayers for son, about-to-be-born baby, your Dad. Maybe you all need to be in Dunoon - good dementia care in Invereck, and a town full of beavering builders fixing roofs!