Monday, 9 January 2012


And a decree had been sent out by the Diocese that each parish should have a MAP, or a Mission Action Plan to you! And so it came to pass that after much beavering, the Parish of St Augustine's Dumbarton has produced such a plan and is ready to sign it on Sunday before all the congregation, to whom the plan actually belongs!

It's been a long slog, the culmination of two years hard work, with a lot of navel gazing, a lot of affirmation of current ministries, and lots of hopes and dreams for the future. It ensures that we don't stand still, or rest on our laurels, but continue to grow in our witness, ministry and mission.

It can all seem to be a daunting task. The Diocese is asking much, especially of wee parishes who have been struggling to do their best with few resources for years, but the exercise, if done properly should be a positive one which commends, affirms and supports the little parishes who struggle on struggling on!

We have now set goals for the coming year. As long as we are really all in this together, as I said on Sunday, it should be an interesting twelve months in Dumbarton!

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