Sunday, 27 December 2009

All is Well

Christmas Day and Christmas dinner, with dad, passed as well as we could have hoped for. There were no scenes, no tears, no tantrums or angry outbursts, and at the end he went back home like a lamb. Despite our fears it was a fairly pleasant day!

It was "cherry on top" time, too, when one of the senior workers from the home phoned at 9pm to say that she thought I could do with a bit of reaasurance, and that since the horrible assessment meeting, dad has calmed down greatly and looks as if he is going to settle and be kept on after the four week trial period. This is an outcome beyond my wildest dreams, and it was really thoughtful of her to phone. She just said that she had felt so sorry for me after the assessment meeting and wanted to pass on good news rather than me just hearing all the negatives.

There will be a psychiatric assessment early in the New Year, and his medication will be reviewed then. Anything that will lessen the horrendous mood swings will be accepted gratefully by all the family.

Thanks, good folk, for your prayers through this time. Greatly appreciated!


Eamonn said...

Alleluia! Deo Gratias! Long may it so remain.

Suem said...

So glad things went OK!

susan s. said...

I am glad you did not follow my advice, Kenny. Sounds like a peaceful time all around. TBTG!

Chris said...

Great news! Now - relax!

Di said...

Good news, Kenny. Hugs