Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Blackberry Blues

Only weeks into being a committed Blackberry user the phone part of it has "broken" and O2 are telling me the handset has a fault. It's not under any guarantee, so it's back to the old Motorola today. Feeling really cheesed off with that!

Still haven't written lots of my Christmas cards yet. Must do this afternoon, in the midst of the RW trying to bath three dogs and a cat.... and the snow is tumbling down!


GadgetVicar said...

Sorry that things are so difficult with your dad's situation. Praying for you.

As for the phone: is it accidental damage (no warranty for that) or a fault in the device itself (in which case it must be under guarantee, cos you've only had it for a few months)?

Fr Kenny said...

I bought it privately, through ebay, so no warranty at all!