Saturday, 12 December 2009

Candidates for the Glasgow & Galloway Election

It has been an honour, and extremely hard work, to be part of the Preparatory Committee tasked with finding suitable candidates for the Electoral Synod of the Diocese to choose from. Canon 4, in practice, gives this Committee a huge burden, but a humbling one, and it is with a feeling of deep gratitude that the job is done, and I was a small part of it.

The candidates can be seen here.


susan s. said...

Looks like you've done good work.

frdougal said...

I'll second that Kenny: you have actually been part of a group that has produced a list that didn't leave me wondering "How did that happen?" All 3 candidates are serious and credible and Glasgow and the Province are faced with a choice that will ultimately be of benefit to the wider Church. Well done!

Fr Kenny said...

Yep! I thought we did a good job. I'd be happy to have any one of the three as my bishop!