Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The Special One has the "runs"! He's not good with human food, you see, and when the sun shines it's a nightmare. Folk leave uneaten stuff from their picnics all over our parks, and Archie is compelled to find every morsel and finish it off. Such is the nature of the beast. This morning has not been pleasant in The Rectory! Yet, the "garbage disposal unit" is still loved, he's still a big soft lump, and is extremely biddable and fun to have around.

He came to us almost by accident. He was not supposed to end up living with us, but he wormed his way into our affections and was allowed to stay. However, a big dog has its disadvantages! My two King Charles Cavaliers are dead easy to keep and exercise. A bit yappy at times, but cute enough and small enough to easily find babysitters for them when we're away. Archie is a different kettle of fish. Because he's such a big strong dog, folk are rightly wary of having him ...... especially given his eating habits! Short spells are OK but it's hard to ask other people for longer term commitments.

We are looking at our summer holiday, and beginning to realise that Archie might have to go to kennels. That's a bit heartbreaking because he'll hate every minute and miss being around folk the way he is at present, and the cost of kennels is shocking! His "holiday" will cost us an arm and a leg!

Maybe we need to offer "house for duty"! Anyone fancy a house for a fortnight with a golden retriever in the vicinity of Loch Lomond? He's a fine dog, as long as you keep him away from picnics!

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