Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Why Do I Do It?

At Firhill tonight to witness Partick Thistle score, eh, nil, again. This is now five games since we have hit the net. At least Raith Rovers tonight were as bad as us.

To sit in a freezing ground for two hours is utter insanity. The least they can do is allow wee clubs like us to bring back terracings where we can jump up and down and keep warm -  yes, and sing! The only person I know who sings sitting down is Val Doonican. Bring back the terraces and the sheds, I say, sell beer to the masses like they do in America, and you'll put another couple of thousand on the PTN gates. The singin' and dancin' may even encourage the players to a bit more effort! Yes! Bring back the terraces!

You know it makes sense!

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