Monday, 26 April 2010


We've had quite a weekend in the Diocese, surrounding Good Shepherd Sunday, with the Consecration of our new Bishop, Gregor Duncan. I have no doubt that +Gregor will make an excellent shepherd to his priests and people, but it must be the hardest thing in the world to be a bishop in the modern world.

However, we packed the cathedral on Friday and Sunday evening, and did the stuff we Anglicans do best! The ceremony and liturgy excellently executed, and the only little regret for me was the number of bishops present. Due to the "ash problem", a few bishops were absent, two being stranded in the States, and another in Ireland, but nobody really noticed. This was a Diocesan Day, and we look forward to a new era with some excitement!

The new Dean, quickly appointed and installed by +Gregor is just a superstar, and exactly what we need as we march on into a new and relevant future.

I had a word with the Dean of Kentucky Diocese on Sunday night. The RW and I would love to do a "Parish Swap" for 4-6 weeks next year and see a little of the USA. WE offer a beautiful parish, close to Loch Lomond, and within easy reach of all the important tourist stuff. Sunday morning duty would be required. (Oh! A Golden Retriever might be thrown in with a car too). We would be looking for an American priest who would give us the same, American style, in return. Perhaps Kentucky is not the best option. I know not, but I haven't had any offers from elsewhere, yet! Anyone know an American priest who would like a swap in summer 2011?

See? A new bishop and I'm trying to escape already!

(Photos by Gordon Smith)

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Erp said...

You could pass the special one over to the bishop while you vanish on a missionary trip to the heathens in the US. More seriously it sounds like priests need a swap board though I would be wary of the southern US in July/August.