Monday, 6 February 2012

Four Generations

A visit to see dad in the Care Home with baby Hailey was a unique opportunity for one of those photographs that will always be precious in any family album. Great-grandfather down to Great-granddaughter! (With Graham and me in the middle!)

Dad has not been good of late as his dementia worsens, and even had another wee spell in hospital last week after a fall. What I wouldn't do to have him back again as my dad as I knew him, but yesterday there were glimpses of understanding that this wee girl was part of him, and the comment that my mum would have been so proud was indeed music to my ears. He was in the here and now with some memories of the past. That's not often so these days!

Hailey just slept through it all, as she managed to do during most of yesterday's church service! Not much perturbs the new little star!


anniet said...

Fabulous photo and description, Kenny. Thank you for sharing it - you look so joyful these days.

Christine McIntosh said...

What a great photo! Grandfatherhood suits you no end! xx