Sunday, 12 February 2012

Victory at Last!

It is something I have coveted for so long. The Dumbarton Christian Aid Inter-Church Trophy. Last Sunday my flock was given a diatribe about the need to win this trophy. Ten and a half whole years in this parish, and they had failed to bring it home for me.  I even encouraged them to cheat sensibly if necessary! I knew for a fact that some churches tended to depend on Google in the past!

"Go and win it!", was the order! And they did! No cheating required as the wide guys weren't given enough time to go to the toilet to Google between the hard and fast questions!

Champions! At last! 16 teams from all the various churches and we won by a clear 3 points! We are going to have to build a trophy cabinet now!

A lap of honour singing "Hail the Conquering Heroes come" was required today, but three of them were off for a well deserved break.

Barbara, Tim, Margot and Toby. You have no idea of the amount of joy you put into my heart this weekend. We've beaten the Roman Catholics, the Presbies and the Evangelicals too! Stuff ecumenism! This is personal!


annie t said...

So did it even make up for that dismal showing against Livingston?

Fr Kenny said...

Em! Yes. Thistle will rise again.