Friday, 18 June 2010

Back in the Real World...

After a good morning and a fairly emotional ending to the Conference - (yes, it was THAT good) - it's back to reality with a funeral this morning and sheets to prepare for the next three Sundays. 

For it's off to Kefalonia we go early Sunday morning for a fortnight in the Greek sunshine, and chill, chill, chill. The RW and I need the break, it's been over a year since we've had a proper break together, and the Greek Islands are our favourite bolt-hole. Glad Greece won at the footie yesterday, because there will be a decided interest in all things World Cup, and I'll maybe get to catch some of the "important" games when I'm away.

Archie is staying in the house with a dog-sitter, but Peanut is off to Auntie Maggie's. The worrying thing is that we haven't seen the Silent Assassin for over 24 hours, and it's not like her to stay away so long. After losing Toastie it would be a devastating blow to lose the cat too, but I tell myself that she's bound to turn up soon.

Last night was a Gambia meeting and some tough decisions had to be made about the school over there. I'm afraid that cut-backs will have to be made and our teaching staff need to be streamlined a bit more. The free education, feeding and health care will be unaffected, but we need to reassess just how many teachers we actually need. So changes will be made before the new term begins.

I'm feeling calmer and much more settled after this week's Conference. In many ways it has had a profound effect on me, and although I still need my hols, I'm really looking forward to getting back and torn in again in July!


Anonymous said...

If the weather's been as good (following the flash flood) there as it has here, it's not that unusual for a cat to "go walkabout" for several days, or even months.

annie t said...

Do hope that Truffle has turned up by now. Have a wonderful holiday - you both deserve it. And thank you to you and to St A's for the warmth of welcome and love that surrounded us today at the funeral; St A's and its amazing priest does it again.

Fr Kenny said...

We are glad to report that Truffle is indeed back! Been sunbathin' down the park, obviously!