Sunday, 13 June 2010

Back to Normality

After a last morning of General Synod yesterday, it's back to the parish and the real world where people's priorities are a little bit different, and the only thing that I've been asked by anyone, so far, is how much our quota for next year is going to increase by! (3% it seems).

Synod was saved yesterday by the brilliant presentation from the Provincial Youth Network. Here were a group of young people who taught the rest about lively and "to the point" presentations. I'm not sure what sort of Church they are about to inherit, but I'd elect them all en bloc to Synod for next year!

I thanked God for them, for by coffee time my heart was full of guilt and sadness after an extremely sincere whipping we all got from Church & Society over ecological issues. My own reflection was that the issue was overly milked, and the real message simply got lost in a sea of words, but I was heartened by the fact that someone pointed out that energy saving lightbulbs may not be the best option for helping to save the planet. I simply hate them! The thermostat in church may go down a few degrees though!

Glad to be back in the west? You bet!

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