Monday, 7 June 2010

Fortnight from Hell

The last couple of weeks or so have not been the best ones in my life. The dog bite ending up badly infected, the loss of Toastie Dog my faithful friend and companion, and the most incredible cold/flu that really knocked me on my back. I'm still suffering from the, (I hope), tail end of the cold, and coughing and croaking my way through. The congregation were in hysterics yesterday as I presided with a voice that could have come from the Muppet Show... and that's me feeling better!

There is, in ministry, always the need to get up and do things that need done, however sickly we feel, and the new bishop's visitation to the parish last week went well enough. We even involved him in a Murder Mystery Night and he managed his lines very well! This bodes well for the future! He went away with the feeling that Dumbarton is an exceptional parish, which, of course, it is! Certainly a memorable one!

So, with an extreme effort, it's back to blogging time. It's amazing how crippling a cold/flu can be! I had no desire or appetite to do anything other than what had to be done, and a realisation this morning that General Synod awaits me on Thursday is enough to get me going again. Lots to prepare and lots of loose ends to tie up before I go to the unclean city of Edinburgh, and unless I get better soon and lose the coughing and sneezing, I'll be taking the plague with me! That'll teach them!


Chris said...

You get rid of it, or this new grandma'll be keeping her distance! Welcome back, BTW

Erp said...

Glad to see you back though be careful with that flu or whatever.