Monday, 7 June 2010

Two Dog Family

It's been rather strange to be a "man down" in the dog front of late. Toastie has been greatly missed. Archie is certainly on probation after almost taking my arm off! I know I tried to take away his food, but his reaction was rather vicious, and I worry about the possibility of a "wee one" trying to separate him from whatever he might have stolen in the parish bun-fights. It's Peanut who concerns me right now. Not only has the wee lamb had to cope with the loss of her "big brother", but was wheeched into the vet to get neutered before the holidays and close to her expected "season". She's still pretty sore and uncomfortable, and doesn't understand why she's being denied walks and swims until her stitches are removed.

It won't be long now, hen!

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