Monday, 14 June 2010

Recovery and Miracles

The Gospel,yesterday, was about gratitude. Gratitude to God for sins forgiven and a new beginning. A super background for Big Boab from NA sharing his story of recovery in the sermom slot. He had some in tears as he talked about being able to look after his daughter again and being trusted enough to be able to do this after years of a chaotic lifestyle.

This is a starter for us, having hall users speaking in church and telling us all what goes on in the Community Hall. Other groups and individuals will get their chance and hopefully we will go on to own everything that goes on as one big St Augustine's family.

It's Carers Week, and are Carers Groups are putting up a big display in church and in the hall displaying all they get up to. It's part of what we "own" and some of us are heavily involved. Was it St Francis who said something about we should preach the Gospel, sometimes even with words?


Morag said...

Big Boab was brilliant as a speaker and a very gutsy guy to get up and talk about personal matters to a bunch of strangers!! Round of applause to him for doing it.

Fr Kenny said...

Yep.It was special!