Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Synod Virgin

For many years now I have managed to evade General Synod. I am a Synod Virgin. I have eschewed nomination, and even took a "sickie" when I was called once as an "alternate". There were other alternates and I'd already booked my holidays before the call came.

Oh yes! I was a proud attender of the old RCC which was a right good party in the olden days, but it was scrapped for this streamlined sleeker body called "General Synod". At first I didn't go out of protest. I wanted the "party" style of the RCC to remain forever. Later I gave it the Glaswegian bodyswerve because such Church machinations didn't interest me. I was much too involved in putting out fires at parish level... and lighting new ones!

So, it's with a bit of temerity that I've given in and prepare for my first Synod in Edinburgh on Thursday. Going to Synod is hard enough, but Edinburgh is probably worse. Who, in their right minds would want to go there???

However, no doubt I'll survive, but one word from the Primus or my Bishop that I look/sound far too poorly to be at Synod and I'll be back on the first train to my beloved Glasgow!


susan s. said...

Will you see our beloved Katharine?

Fr Kenny said...

Yes Susan.... she's talking tomorrow. I know some in Synod are planning to walk out on her arrival at the podium, but in the main I reckon she'll get a standing ovation! Will I tell her you are asking for her? I'm determined I'm going to speak to her. We are a small enough body for that to happen OK.

susan s. said...

Ah, so everyone doesn't agree in the SEC? But how can that be? Count the protesters and let me know how many. And of course there might be some Christians who just come to protest her very gender!

You needn't mention me by name, since I have never met her. I've only been in the room when she preached and presided. You could say your friend from the States was excited that she is there. I snickered to myself when I found out that she will be at Southwerk Cathedral preaching and presiding on Sunday.

susan s. said...

"I snickered to myself when I found out that she will be at Southwerk Cathedral preaching and presiding on Sunday."

That is not part of what you should tell her!!!!

Fr Kenny said...

Your secret was safe with me Susan!