Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Different Christmas

I've survived without the RW!! Dinner cooked and scoffed by six, although my sister forgot to bring the soup, and a near catastrophe when I realised I didn't know how to switch on the oven.

My unslept self dragged himself out of bed and did priestly things like morning mass and house communions, and unpriestly things like walking the dogs in the rain. Yes! Rain! On top of sheet ice, and the car was doing Waltzing Matilda!

Dad slept for most of the visit. He woke up to eat then fell asleep again and couldn't remember whether he'd had dinner or not! He's home safely without drama.

Thinking of entering Come Dine With Me in the near future. Talents like this should never be put to waste, and now I know how to work the oven the sky is the limit!

Scary stuff from Wales, however, where the RW is in festive mood before tomorrow's wedding. This pic was sent this morning. I can just imagine Archie's reaction!


Morag said...

Just remember for Come Dine With Me you also need to practice your cutting comments about the food everyone else provides :-)

And those Santa slipper socks are brill!!!

susan s. said...

Oh, Fr. Kenny! those slippers/socks are the bee's knees. Thanks for sharing.

I posted on facebook a picture of the Freudian Slippers my Son the Priest sent me!

Why am I still surprised when I hear men say they don't know how to turn on the stove? It seems to be only men outside the US or from the Southern
United States. Y'all are so spoiled!

Erp said...

I'm not so sure. My father (raised in England) usually did the cooked breakfast when I was growing up and broiled the salmon we had for Christmas dinner (my mother and I did the rest of the dishes).

IIRC Kenny hasn't been too long in the new house so might not have learned his way around this particular oven.

susan s. said...

Well, Erp, that should be no excuse. Every adult in a household should at least know how to turn off the oven. Ergo, he should also know how to turn it on! ;-)

Fr Kenny said...

Erp's got it right. I've never had an electric oven before! I only use the rings which are gas, and the slow cooker! That's my excuse!

susan s. said...

Well, I'm sure you called the RW in a panic, then.

Fr Kenny said...

Nope! Facebook friend helped out!!!

susan s. said...

Ah, Facebook! What else are friends for? ;~)