Thursday, 16 December 2010

No Excuses

Well Santa came early for me today, and brought me my new laptop. I've been bereft since the last one died some weeks ago now, and using a borrowed one just isn't the same! It's not yours and you have only limited personal stuff on it, added to the fact that all your wee programmes and things you like to use are just absent.

On my lap just now is a shiny electric blue Hewlett Packard number with a gleaming white keyboard, and we're going to get on just fine, I can tell. It'll be a few weeks before it's up to speed and everything is loaded, but the essentials are there. I've even networked it in with my PC in the outside office, and I have access to all the files in there that I need! It even prints to the office! How cool is that?

Now I need to get my head around things like Skype, and Photoshop and other stuff I've never used! It's a speedy wee number and I'm fair whizzing around my stuff. Advent had to be put on hold for another afternoon!

However, now there's no excuse for not uploading stuff to the Parish Site, or getting things like magazines and service sheets done in quick time! You know, it may actually become enjoyable again!

1 comment:

Morag said...

Sounds great! And Skype is easy when you get to it :-)