Tuesday, 28 December 2010

So How Was It For You?

A couple of hours before the RW returns, I reflect on my Christmas. Joy that the Christ-child was born and sharing that with good people. Apart from Midnight Mass, attendances at church were poor and that was disheartening, although the weather played a big part in that. I need to convince myself that it's not part of a poor ministry.

It was a lonely and empty few days, and I so longed to be with the RW in all the celebrations and family time. At one point I nearly drove to Wales on a spur of the moment feeling! I desisted!  (I got pics through my mobile!)

It brought home to me the need of family and the closeness of people you love. I have much more empathy with those who are alone at Christmas and hate it! My brief 4 hours on Christmas Day with family was just not enough! It was Christmas Eve and an empty house, Christmas night when all had gone home, and Sunday with it's emptiness and shocking attendance. It was Monday when folk did family things. I felt empty and needy! O Lord! What a confession! Needy? Moi?????

So, tonight we get back to normal, and the Sky+ box will help us both watch lots that we both missed at Christmas!


Eamonn said...

If it's any comfort, our attendances on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were down dramatically. Dismiss any thoughts of poor ministry!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the thoughts of closed churches on xmas.
You're always complaining about too many resources used up for nothing; how about taking care of the monstrosity of xmass and saving yourselves time and money and trouble?
Then closing up shop and selling your buildings for something useful?