Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Unposted Missing...

The Christmas gene has still to kick in. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I'm still at the beginning of Advent in my head and there's plenty time, but, oh no there's not! The Rectory is extremely un-Christmassy at the moment, whilst neighbours deck the halls and put up their fairy lights!

Things weren't helped by the dreadful weather we've been having since Advent began, and so much that might have been done was booted into touch until we got mobile again. Bad weather or not, Christmas has always got the habit of "jumping me" just when I least expect it. I long for a new Calendar that extends Advent to six Sundays rather than the four we have!

It's certainly going to be a strange Christmas, and because I'm not terribly looking forward to it at the moment, I've managed to kick it into touch until today anyway! The RW's son, Dafydd,  is being married in Wales on the 26th, and we'd been looking at ways for us both to attend the wedding. However, my conscience got the better of me, leaving my little flock on Christmas morning to attend the M6, so we've decided that I'll stay behind and just get on with the job of being the Rector! The RW will fly down on Christmas Eve. It makes much more sense than both of us spending Christmas Day on a motorway in God-knows what sort of weather.

Certainly Archie is happy about being spared kennels over Christmas, and the cat has escaped a first stay in a cattery! Peanut was going to stay with Auntie M, so she's not too bothered one way or another!

Today I took the plunge and got the "parish" Christmas cards done and cards made for our annual Amnesty International "sign up" on Saturday. The Friends' Party and Carol Service has to be all arranged for Sunday, and we are now in the position of putting quarts into pint bottles. Maybe now that Christmas gene will kick in and I'll be motivated to think things like "tree", "postage stamps", "presents", "wrapping paper" and, of course, the sellotape!

Oh Lord! And Christmas Carols need to be sung on Saturday in the High Street! Glory to God in the High Street, but give us some peace in the Rectory, at least until Christmas really arrives there!


Chris said...

Can you make something positive out of your strange Christmas? Plan something really pleasant for yourself once you're finished Rectoring for the day!

Hey- word verification is "nosingar". Do you think someone's trying to tell me something? Someone who canny spell?

Fr Kenny said...

I'm actually going to have my sister and her brood round on Christmas Day, with dad of course, and it means I'll cook for the first time in years! How weird will that be?