Monday, 6 December 2010

Little Acts of Love

Having preached for a bit yesterday on the Kingdom, and how we usher in that kingdom by our "little acts of love" which gives the world little glimpses of The Kingdom of God, the Boss certainly put me to the test this afternoon.

The RW was sent home early from work. They've been bottling all this whisky, you see, and no lorries have been able to come to take it away, so the whole place shut down. That was today's first "grouse" from the RW anyway.

The second problem wasn't far behind. The car didn't make it up the hill, so it was semi-abandoned, actually the front end was sticking out 4", and I was called upon to sort it! Arriving on the scene was like visiting a disaster movie! At least 5 cars were stuck on the same hill and couldn't be abandoned in the middle of the road.

I felt like the little boy at the Feeding of the 5000. Here I was with a shovel and a wee bag of grit in my hand. But what are these amongst so many? However, with the help of half the population we helped folk to abandon their vehicles "safely", and as each was put to bed until the gritters get through, another would appear at the bottom of the hill ready to make a valiant attempt at going where no man/woman had gone before. Back to the shovels man......

And did any of them get a little glimpse of the Kingdom? I'm sure they're all home just now thinking just that!

Next week I'm going to be careful what I preach!


Morag said...

I think thats dead impressive actually! Feeding of 5000 reinterpreted for a modern era perhaps? Not to mention little acts of kindness spreading through a community as everyone worked together.

Be proud of yourself and the people on your street!

Fr Kenny said...

Don't be fooled. I wasn't so saintly! Silently cursing under my breath digging snow out from in front of the wheels of big Audis and BMWs as their children in Private School uniforms looked on.