Friday, 24 December 2010

Very Strange!

It was a strange night, last night. The RW is flying off today for her son's wedding in Wales on Sunday, and so we had the solemn exchanging of Christmas gifts last night instead of the stramash which usually ensues after the Christmas Midnight service. And, no, it wasn't quite the same, but it still had the sacramental feel about it.

Of course, I've had my new laptop for quite a few days now, so my pile was smaller, but glad to find the Billy Connolly DVD in amongst it and a new pair of jeans which I've been coveting for so long! Presents are here, but presence is about to go.

Now that push comes to shove, I'm not very sure about us being parted on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It will certainly be a weird sort of experience! Circumstances mean that there is really no alternative, and it's only for this year, and I understand all this, but it will be presence that I'll miss most of all.

Presence is important to all of us, and as you dread the visit of Auntie Aggie or whoever, keep in mind that it's your presence rather than your presents that is more important to so many people. I'm lucky inasmuch as I'll be busy and I've got a parish to look after. Others are not so lucky.

And presence? Ach, the RW will never be off the phone, and texting is her delight! Then the soppy bit! She's always in my heart, anyway, so she's never far away!


Eamonn said...

Enjoy your different Christmas, Kenny. Presence in the heart - yes.

frdougal said...

soppy beggar! have a joyful one!