Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More Football

Continuing on the subject of the Fitba', it is with some shame that I confess to the fact that I have only been to see Partick Thistle Nil once this season, and the fare was pretty dire. For the first time in decades I didn't purchase a Season Ticket, and that, perhaps, took away the commitment to attend as many home games as I possibly could. It wasn't particularly a financial reason. If I was honest, I'd say that I have become quite scunnered by the state of Scottish Football, and the thought of travelling to Glasgow on Saturday afternoons to watch increasing mediocrity has not been an attractive one at all.

The beginning of the real demise of Scottish Football began with the "League of Greed", the SPL, and the decision that we all had to sit down to watch the fitba'. I remember well the formation of the SPL, and Partick Thistle so wanted to be part of it. We built a new stand so that we could have the 10,000 seats necessary for gaining entry, (we also installed undersoil heating),  and so couldn't afford to pay decent players. The result was relegation and the wilderness years. On the other hand, some clubs refused to spend the money on seats and were granted entry anyway, which then released the funds to build the stands and put in the heating!

The sitting at the fitba' reduced greatly the atmosphere at matches. The singing and dancing all but disappeared, and we were stuck in our seats freezing to death on a winter's afternoon for two hours. I said at the time that the only person I know who sang sitting down was Val Doonican. Having your b******* frozen off sitting watching mediocrity and paying £20 for the dubious pleasure of this is something approaching insanity.

The recent weather has underlined the fact that we need summer football in Scotland and a decent winter break. This isn't Qatar, and summers are pretty mild and often wet anyway, but certainly better conditions in which to play the Beautiful game. However, it all gets down to finance and TV money, and greed! Scottish Football reflects society in general. The rich have got richer, the poor have got poorer, and the rich don't really give a damn.

The latest plans for the revamp of the Leagues is totally disgraceful, but it's driven by Rangers and Celtic, and, of course, the TV who pump millions into their coffers. The rest of the clubs can go whistle, sink or swim. I have long advocated that Scottish Football will never flourish until we get rid of the Old Firm and send them to Englandshire or whoever else will put up with their sectarian bile.

Once they go, we can rip up the seats, and prepare once again to stand at decent matches in our summer shirts, singing the praises of our team, who should have as much chance as anyone else of winning the League or a cup or two. The Kingdom of Heaven may yet come!

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