Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day Trip to Turin

The work has sent the RW off to Turin for the day to supervise a print run on labels for Cutty Sark. Or is it? On a 36 hour mission, most of her time will be spent in the air or waiting at airports. The printing is done in an industrial estate 100 miles outside Turin, so no time for sightseeing. She may as well be going to Port Glasgow for the day.

It certainly scuppered her plan to be with me tonight at The Rock where Dumbarton are taking on Partick Thistle Nil. My local team against the love of my life! It's only a pre-season friendly, so I don't expect The Nil to do too much. Prediction - a Dumbarton win which will make my life hell for the next few months.

Other things will scupper the attendance at tonight's game. Bruce Springstein is in concert just down the road in Glasgow, and Maggot and T, it seems, are about to become grandparents today. However, Simon Barrow from Ekklesia will be with us from Englandshire. Why a noted theologian and widely read academic supports Dumbarton I know not, but there are obvious connections with insanity in both these roles.

Meanwhile, Archie, Toastie, Peanut, the SA and I have been left to our own devices! Scary. Eh?

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