Saturday, 18 July 2009

If Only it Could be Like this all the Time

With heart in mouth, I took dad up his final bits and bobs this afternoon. He was grateful to get his DVD's, (and his teeth), was watching the golf on his own telly, was given a dram which he appreciated, and chatted on as if nothing had happened untoward in the past few days. We were lucky. We caught him in a good moment.

If only it could be like this all the time, but we know that a visit two hours later could have produced a very different scenario! Day at a time, Kenny! Day at a time!


Erp said...

One step in front of another.

Would it perhaps be time to take some preventive action on your own mental health and meet with the person who has helped you before?

Chris said...

Praying for you, Kenny - you're doing really well.

Fr Kenny said...

Thanks Erp. I've been in touch with her already, but between holidays and things, she's still to get back to me!

Erp said...

Well take care.

BTW I have been thinking about your rant of the other day.

In the myths about Vishnu, one is of a sage, Bhrigu, who tries to determine which of the gods, Brahma, Shiva, or Vishnu, is best. He visits Brahma and is ignored. He visits Shiva who refuses to see him. He visits Vishnu who sleeping so Bhrigu kicks him in the chest to wake him up. Vishnu's first comment upon awakening is apologizing to Bhrigu for hurting his foot and offering to heal it. Bhrigu recognizes by this that Vishnu is the best of the gods and asks forgiveness for kicking him.

And from Matthew 5:41, "Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two."

The following may well be completely out-of-place and crazy. Now it will be the season of Pentecost for which IIRC the liturgical color is green. Would it be possible to offer the marchers cool water (or hot tea depending on the weather) while dressed in a fashion that those who can see will see where you stand?

Or undercut the march by using it as a fundraising effort. In the US the Phelps family/church is notorious for picketing funerals or otherwise protesting things it perceives as pro-gay (and in some cases pro-catholic). At some protests opponents pledge money for an AIDS charity or something similar per minute of protest. The longer the protest, the more money raised. In your case doing it by the number of marchers might work better and the charity being one that works to reduce the sectarianism.

Fr Kenny said...

Hi Emma! Lots to ponder there for other occasions, but the Provincial Grand Black Chapter of Scotland are something else again and you will probably not have seen or experienced anything like the sort of thing which I'm ranting against.

It can be extremely scary! It's one thing to protest and have the protection of the police because you would be doing it in their close proximity, another to wander among these people during a Walk if you are not committed to their abhorrent views!

Fr Kenny said...

PS. The only thing the marchers drink, in my experience, is strong lager! Tea or water is not really welcome! In Glasgow recently, the big Walk, (around July 12th), saw most arrests being alcohol related.

Erp said...

Mad of me then.