Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pisckies Against Trident!

Hey! Now it has the official approval of the College of Bishops! The Scottish Episcopal Church calls for the decommissioning of Trident!


Chris said...

Brilliant, isn't it? I feel positively establishment!

susan s. said...

Gum or nuclear power? The link doesn't work for me.

Fr Kenny said...

Press Release: “It is very difficult to defend the possession of weapons of mass destruction with a conditional intent to use them in terms of traditional Christian teaching.” says the Rev Ian Barcroft, Convener of the Church in Society Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church in a letter to the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. In the letter, the Rev Ian Barcroft outlines his concerns regarding the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system and urges the government to reconsider its decision to proceed with a Trident replacement and to place the decommissioning of Trident on the table at the Non Proliferation Treaty review Conference next May. His letter has been endorsed by the College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church who have also written to the Prime Minister, giving their full support to the concerns expressed by Rev Ian Barcroft.”