Thursday, 16 July 2009

It could happen to any of us!


dtedac said...

Fr. Kenny,

I'm sure the bearers were embarrassed and the people were upset, but nobody was hurt. That's the important part.

Apparently this happened at a Maltese parish in Canada. The St. George statue was brought from Malta and had emotional significance to them. I read online that it has since been restored.

I read the Youtube comments about this video. A lot of comments were about idolatry and about the eternal destination of Catholics. I am a Catholic of Portuguese descent, so I understand where the faithful of the parish are coming from. I doubt that anyone there really thought that the statue was divine or an object of divine worship. Respect? Yes. Worship? No. Idolatry? No way.

I get tired of the snap judgments made about Catholicism when this sort of thing happens. These people are not saint-believing idolators who are defying God by worshipping plaster. There is no image in any church that is the equal of God or of any of God's friends, and I don't know of anyone who thinks that such an image would be God.

Sorry about the rant, but the Youtube comments I read got me started. God bless you.


Keith said...

Statue restored

Chris said...

I've seen much the same happen at a funeral in an awkward location - and much the same gasping occurred as the undertaker's man nearly lost his corner of the coffin on the corner...

Fr Kenny said...

I have no problems with statues, and indeed have one or two of my own. No way was I being disrespectful. It was the fact that these things happen sometimes in the most solemn moments in churches that amused me, as Chris has pointed out! There for the Grace of God go I!

So glad the statue has been restored!

Anonymous said...

A Puritan's dream?